Self Title

by Typical White Male


C40 tapes (20mins per side)
# / 52 copies.

Comes in a clear envelope w/ 2sided original artwork per each copy.

This in the newest release from TWM since 2012. Strongly influenced by the chaotic and tragic expanse of events of 2013. a forever encompassing battle of mental health dissonance and attempted closure with close deaths . All only marked by periods of time and release through writings of explanation, and perception through the eyes of someone required to stand behind the window and listen. noise/harsh/dark ambient/ abstract/ experimental/ - including incomprehensible vocals and modular synthesizer.

These are sold out, but I will upload this album soon.


released April 1, 2014

Credits to tpw, euu, wild torus



you dont like it / Euu / jodf ludfh sled / ... New Jersey


Modular synthesis/ experimental/dark ambient/industrial/ drone/ and may hold noise out.


Euu & Typical White Male & Jodf ludfh Sled are 3 personas of
multi platform head of YDLI.

of Joey Sledgianowski.

Holding disability inward as possible and here may be my extension.
Tape, Cd, Web, Vinyl releases of past and future.
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